I started out
My life
In an
Innocent daze

I used to
Play outside
And dream away
My days

But then
I turned into
A girl
I used to

But when
I met you
Back then
It didn’t

You took my
Innocence away
You took
My tear drops

You see me
Look away
Because it
Was all
About you

You didn’t care
Who you

Or what
You took

Just so long
As you’re
Not caught

Your secrets

Well that
Girl grew

Into the
Adult you

You see
She knew
Much more

And now
She saw
Her worth

And you
Were wrong
About her

And what
You thought
You took

She now
Looks down
On you

With that strength
You mistook

So don’t you
Come around

That girl
Has moved

She now see’s
What you

When you had
Taken her
Soul away

But you’re
The one

Who still
Has nothing
To say

Because you’re
The one
Who still has
No heart
Or soul

Or gift
To give
This world

Of mine

Or anybody else’s!
(As a matter
Of fact)

Today …….


This is very personal to me and i wrote it for the strongest women i know. I hope you get to read it my dearest Ella and Fallyn. You raise your daughters with that inner strength i am so very proud of! To all of you out there that have had something precious taken away please know your worth and fight back! πŸ™‚ Love to you all x


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