How can i be
In such a
Crowded room
But yet my heart
Still feels alone?

How can i wake up
Each and every day
When i know
That you’re
Still not

How do i do it
When i know
That it’s your heart
That will
Always roam?

And i still
Sit here
And wish
For someone else
Until these feelings
Are all gone

Why did you
Take my
Heart away
If you knew
It had no place

Why did you
Make me
Fall in love
With you
If you knew
Our love
Could be

What does it take
To make your
Heart still see
That i’m always
Waiting here
For you

To take me
In your

Just for
Old times sake

And to show
You want me

So do
Still look

It may
Help your
Heart to

That there’s
No one else
That wants to
Be around

It wont
Be always
My face
You see

It will be
Yours within
That mirror
In the face
Of honesty

When there’s
No one else
That still
Waits around

Or even
Cries themselves
To sleep

It’ll just be
You aging
In that

And that man
You always
Refused to

When you
Were looking out
For no one else

But your own
Damn needs
In me

And my heart
Is gone
In time
And pain

In search
Of the love
I seek

So just turn
Around and
See me

Before the time
Just gets
Too late

And take me
In your arms
And hold on

Not just
For me

But for
Old times sake …



Sorry…It’s a cold and blustery rainy day and i write that way lol 🙂 x


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