As i awoke
I could smell
The thick black
Acrid smoke
Just choking me
To death
The lethal fumes
Were tearing
At my eyes
Nose and throat
But i was just
So thankful
That we weren’t
All dead
I could hear somebody
Calling now
That the fire
Was huge
And all i
Could think about
Was my family
And how to
Get us all
To safe refuge
I couldn’t see
I had to feel
My way
Around the
Darkened flat
I heard my baby
She was screaming
But her room
Was all the way
Down the back
I held a cloth
Up to my nose
And tried to
Find her tiny
She held on
Dearly trusting me
To find a safer
Place to land
So i scooped her
Up into
My arms
And started screaming
Now for
Help but
No one could
Hear my
Screams of
Horror as
They were all
Lost within
Somebody else
Just begging and
Pleading for
Their lives
To come and
Save their
Families souls
But no one
Came upon
Those stairs
And then
The building
Just fell
In lumps of
Charcoal and
Those flames
Those flames
They burnt me
Under foot
But yet
We can
Still all
Try and make it
Maybe by climbing
To the roof
We tried our best
To take the
Stairs and
Keep our
Children safe
And calm
We tried to
Ring our
Sobbing parents
And let them know
We weren’t yet
But all our hopes
Fell with that
Within the embers
Burning bright
And all of
Our screams
And cries for help
Within the heat
Just left
A giant chill
Within the air
That night
So take
Your babies
In your arms
And tell them
You love them
Every day
Or all of
Our lives
Were lost
In vain
That awful
Tragic day …..



I know that all of our hearts go out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.

God Bless all of their souls. x


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