Baby i
Can’t stop
Thinking about

You are
Always on
My mind

And baby
I can’t
Stop dreaming
About you

As i
Know people
Like you

Are Just
So hard
To find

And baby
I’m hoping
That the
Time we

Doesn’t go
Past way
Too fast

As my
Time with

Means way
Too much

But i
Know these
Moments never

They are
One in
A million

They’re a
Fleeting obsession

You’re in
Dreams but
You’re not

I keep
Thinking about

There is
Nothing we
Can’t do

Except be
Together in
Our real

You’re my
Dream so
I don’t
Want to
Lose you

But my
Mind’s got
Carried away

So i’ll
Just sleep
And keep
On imagining

What you’d
Like to
Do to

All day

So i’ll
Just see
You tonight

Where there
Is no
One around

And we
Have my
Thoughts all
To myself

Yes i
Will see
You Tonight
In my
Dream Paradise

Where i
Don’t have
To love
Nobody else

Yes i’ll
See you
Tonight where
We are
All alone

In my
Dreams i’ve
Dreamt for

As baby
In my
Dream Paradise

There is
Always a
Room that
Wakes up

To me
And you ……



Only had a few minutest to write today. But i really enjoyed writing this 🙂 Have a great day daydreaming everyone! lol 🙂 x


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