I’m twisting
In a shell
Of silence
Awoken to
The sounds
Of me

To all
The noises
I am

But i
Don’t know
Who or
What they’d

Minds confused
But emotions
Are clearing
To a
Space within
My mind

But what
On earth
Was i
Just thinking
Words elude me
Here in
My mind

I’m told
I’m old
I’m told
I’m married
I’m told
I love you
All the world

But now
I don’t know
Who’s just spoken
Or who’s has lost me
To my world

I’m scattered round
Still torn
But not broken
I’m spinning
Into infinity

And when i see you
I feel nothing
But when you look
You still see me

So take my hand
And tell me nothing
I wont remember
What you’ve just said
But look to me
For life long love
And you’ll know
It’s buried somewhere
In my head

And remember
That i loved you
And now i ask you
To do the same
For you are mine
And i am yours
So i will always
Still share
In all
Of your
Pain ….


Such a sad a terrible illness. Taken before their time. All my love to those that have suffered xxx