Girl we may
Have changed
From the day
That we first met

We were both
Just children then
But now our own
Have grown and left

But nothing about
The way i love you
Is ever going
To change

Or the way that
I show your heart
My love
As that will always
Stay the same

The years have
Brought us tears
But many happy
Times as well

We’ve seen the birth
Of all
Our grandchildren
And watched them
All grow up
As well

We’ve seen our share
Of problems too
But at the end
Of the day

We both
Love each other
More than enough
To get us
Through to
Another day

I wouldn’t change
A single thing
From the day
You stole
My heart

Or when you wore
My wedding ring
I knew
You were
The one
Right from
The start

I feel Blessed
Each and every
Single day

And knew you’ve
Chosen to be mine

And you’ll
Always be
Right there

Just next
To me

So rest assured
My love
Will grow
In time

You mean
More to me
Than my
Own life

And that is
Never going
To change

And i
Thank you for
The day
You became
My wife

As my life
Will never be
The same

So let’s
See all
Of this life

And stay
Through any
Kind of

And know
That together
We can
See this

For without you
I am nothing

I wouldn’t
Ever dare
To be
So loving

But when
You need me

I am only

Just a single
Heart beat
Away ….