Meaningful Expression

Poems, songs and articles with meaning.


Hi there 🙂 Well I am over 50 years of age now and yet I have thoroughly enjoyed writing since I was young. I have moments where I will wake to a song in my mind or when I hear a song and become inspired to write myself.

I love poetry and all forms of writing but i would just love to write a few songs that inspire others. I feel poetry reaches a certain audience but with song, a poem and your words, can just come to life! They can be interpreted in so many different ways and just get to live all over again 🙂 My dream job would be to co-write with others and get to produce my songs for the whole world to enjoy! Also to provide a real home for myself and my family as i would never want to see being homeless ever again. I have been there and seen so much and but at least from it all i have so many stories to tell. I pray i get to write all about that one day. I do not believe in holding back or speaking half truths as people can see through them anyway. I have raised a beautiful daughter single handed and I taught her how to speak her mind too. If you walk one step, one day or one moment in a lie you are no longer you. Thank you for reading this as i am sure you had many other things to do with your time and i really do appreciate your interest in any of my words. I pray there is at least one that you get to enjoy 🙂 x

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